We have over 83 years of experience fitting, selling, and servicing quality roller skates.  We sell all major brands and accessories at great prices!  Skates not in stock can usually be available in a few days. For information on other skates, or for custom skates,
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Stryde  Adjustable

Great for growing feet!
Girls - Purple/Silver
Boys - Orange/Black

Padded comfort boot.
Polymer Frame
Urethane Wheels
Gold-5 Bearings

Small Juv. 11,12,13,1
Medium 2,3,4,5


Usually In Stock

Pacer Charger
Vinyl Boot with Velcro Strap
Pacer Polymer Chassis
Non-adjustable stop
54mm Urethane Wheels
54 608ZB Bearings

Full Sizes Only
White: 10-4 Juvenile
Black: 10-4 Juvenile


Special Order

Vinyl Boot with Lining
Pro Series Skate Chassis
Non-adjustable stop
63mm Mag-style Wheels
abec-1 Carbon Bearings

Full Sizes Only
White: 1-10
Black: 1-12


Special Order

Riedell Dart Ombre
Ombre Boot
Cast Aluminum Chassis
Dart 62mm Wheels
abec-5 Bearings

Full Sizes Only
Purple/Green: 1-9
 Purple/Pink: 1-9
Pink/Blue: 1-9
Black/Red: 1-14
Green/Black: 1-14


Special Order

Rock GT-50
Synthetic Leather Boot
Rock Nylon Black Chassis
Adjustable 5/8 Stop
GT-50 Swirl 62mm Wheels
abec-5 Bearings

Full Sizes Only
White: 1-10
Black: 1-15


Special Order

Sure Grip Rebel Fugitive
Leather Boot w/
Microfiber Lining
8mm Probe Nylon Chassis
Adjustable 5/8 Stop
62mm Fugitive Wheels
abec-7 Precision Bearings

Full Sizes Only
White 3 - 11
Black 3-14


Special Order

Riedell Wicked
Riedell 265 Leather Boot
Powerdyne Thrust Chassis
Radar Bullet Wheels
KwiK Zenith Bearings

Full Sizes Only
Black: 3-13


Special Order

High End Speed Outfit

Riedell 395 Boot
Hyper Power Trac Chassis
Hyper Shaman Wheels
China Bones Bearings

Full & Half Sizes
White 1 - 13
Black 1- 13


Special Order

Chicago 400/1900
Designed for the beginner looking for something better than the department store!

Chicago Tigerlon Boot
Aluminum Chassis 400
Fiberglass Chassis 1900
60 mm Urethane Wheels 400
54 mm Urethane Wheels 1900
608Z Semi-Precision Bearings

Model 400
Full Sizes Only
White 1- 11 Adult 
Black 1- 13 Adult

Model 1900
Full Sizes Only
White 10 Juv - 4 Adult
Black 10 Juv - 4 Adult

Special Order

Riedell Angel

Riedell 111 boot
Powerdyne Thurst Chassis
Radar Riva Wheels
 abec-5 Precision bearings

Full Sizes Only
White 1- 11
 Black 1 - 15


Special Order

Entry Level Art Outfit

Riedell 120 Boot
Sure Grip Competitor Chassis
Bones Team Wheels
China Red Bearings

Full & Half Sizes
Adult White: 4 - 10
Adult Black: 4 - 13
Juv: 6,7,8,9,10-31/2
White and Black


Special Order